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Creating an irresistible health services offer

Jan 15, 2019 7:18:00 AM

My Ideal Client (1)

When discussing the importance of having an irresistible offer many wellness practitioners immediately think of the "D Word". They believe that making their offer appealing involves discounting.

Competing on price is a race to the bottom that will leave you demoralised, exhausted and broke.

A well crafted services offer, on the other hand, boosts profitability and positions you to command a premium for your services.

There are 7 keys to creating an irresistible offer and pricing is just one of them.

#1: Promise

Your promise evolves entirely around the problem that you are solving and the outcome, or outcomes, your client can expect from engaging your services.

Where possible you should quantify this. For example "x result within x days".

Your promise must be as specific as you can get it. So write down the tangible results and benefits they will gain from your offer.

Keep in mind your ideal customer for your offer and ask yourself: "does this offer solve my ideal client's specific problem?"

#2: Name

There are different ways in which to name your offer ideally your offer name should say something about:

  • the result(s) they will get ("drop a dress size in 30 days")
  • the journey ("from zonked to zippy in 1 week")

#3: Inclusions

What are the components of your offer? This is a clear description, in bullet points if you like, of what it is exactly that they will get when they buy your offer.

#4: Bonuses

A bonus has the potential to give prospects that extra push to take action on your offer. It needs to be a well considered bonus though. Something that adds value to your offer. You may also want to tie it to Key #6 (scarcity).

#5: Guarantees

By using a guarantee you can effectively address the objections that your ideal client typically needs to overcome. So have a think about what concerns someone may have before they are ready to purchase services. If you can address that "elephant in the room" you are lowering the purchase threshold and are one step closer to a booking.

#6: Scarcity

Scarcity is playing on prospects FOMO or their "fear of missing out". For example you may make create a "limited time" offer or you may offer only limited number of appointments (works well in combination with an online calendar).

As I pointed out earlier, you can also make a limited time bonus offer. For example you can offer the first 5 people to purchase your offer a worthwhile bonus.

#7: Price

Once you have all the previous elements of your offer ready, you're in a much better position to set a price point for your offer. Ask yourself:

  • what does the competition look like (their offer, facilities, expertise, pricing)?
  • how much income do I wish to generate?
  • how many billable hours do I have available?
  • how will my ideal client value my offer (what is it worth to save them pain or improve their health)?
  • what is my pricing "positioning" - low, medium or high end (if at the higher end of the scale it might be worth using testimonials in your offer).

There you go, seven keys to creating an irresistible wellness or health services offer.





Wendy Coombes

Written by Wendy Coombes

I help tech-shy health professionals to succeed with online marketing, so they can attract and win more of their ideal customers.

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