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A love note for tech-shy health professionals

Apr 9, 2019 3:45:05 PM

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Last week I recorded a short video on Facebook. I talk about the way the healthcare consumer landscape has shifted and, more importantly, how you can take advantage of this shift. Most of us are reluctant to embrace change (my video is testament to that) but the changes that are happening right now are good ones. Especially if you're planning on starting or growing a wellness business or if you are an established health professional. Perhaps you're a physiotherapist or an optometrist, a dietitian or a podiatrist. Whatever health services you provide, you have an unparalleled opportunity to attract and engage with clients who are actively looking to buy the services you offer.  

The wellness professionals that I have worked with never saw themselves as marketers, but once we successfully positioned them around their area of expertise they learned first hand that marketing yourself isn't about cheesy tag-lines and aggressive sales strategies. 

Effective healthcare/wellness marketing is about being helpful and building trust, just as you would as if you were talking with a friend. If you can do that effectively, bookings will follow. 

I'm going to talk more on this topic over the forthcoming weeks so expect to hear from me. I'm currently preparing a free masterclass for health professionals who want to get started with online marketing and will have details in a week or so from now. If you think that is of interest for you, just like my video post on this page and leave me comment. Tell me what you see as your biggest obstacle to marketing your wellness business. I will speak to your biggest concerns and give you some actionable tips on how to overcome them during my masterclass.

I look forward to reading your comments.  


Wendy Coombes

Written by Wendy Coombes

I help tech-shy health professionals to succeed with online marketing, so they can attract and win more of their ideal customers.

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