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How health pros can build trust in an online world

By Wendy Coombes on May 16, 2019 4:54:24 PM

The way health services consumers shop today has changed dramatically. A significant chunk of our research now take place online. This shift in consumer behaviour has also affects health consumers research and select their preferred practitioners.

Patients today no longer just accept a referral from their physician. Today's patient is proactively involved in which specialist consultant he or she wants to see. In many instances patients will have researched potential specialists before they even visit their primary healthcare provider.

What has also changed is that today's consumer is much more likely to share their experiences through social platforms and by doing so, they have become an enormously influential bunch.

Indeed the healthcare consumer landscape has shifted and the rate of change is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

If you're a health services provider who's been in hiding, hoping it'll all go away it's high time to step back into your power and join the movement.

Unless you manage your online presence, you can expect your practice growth will stagnate. While that may sound alarmist, if you want your practice to thrive and grow, you will have to meet your patients where they are active and today that place absolutely is online.

The question is, how do you go about building that all important trust factor in an online world?

Depending on where you're at in your healthcare practice marketing journey, here are four things you can do today.

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How to take your health service business online

By Wendy Coombes on May 3, 2019 2:42:12 PM

It is relatively easy to see how a health coach or a nutritionist can deliver services online. But what if you're a chiropractor, physio, a podiatrist, a dental hygienist, a general practitioner or indeed anyone who delivers their services in a treatment room.

You can be forgiven for finding it a challenge to imagine how you can take your health practice online.

So let's talk about how you can take your services out of the treatment room and into the online world that awaits at the end of your keyboard.

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Before you spend money on FB Ads to grow your health practice, read this

By Wendy Coombes on Apr 26, 2019 3:53:20 PM

Do you want to build your email list for your health practice? Want to use FB ads to get to your goal faster? Ready to throw some money at the "problem".

Think before you start spending or, if you are already spending and you're not quite getting the results you had in mind, read on.

Facebook ads can be an incredibly effective tool for reaching your target audience. But the ad platform is increasingly complex. In inexperienced hands it can be a real money pit.

Here are 3 things you need to be clear on before you start testing the power of FB ads.

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A love note for tech-shy health professionals

By Wendy Coombes on Apr 9, 2019 3:45:05 PM

Last week I recorded a short video on Facebook. I talk about the way the healthcare consumer landscape has shifted and, more importantly, how you can take advantage of this shift. Most of us are reluctant to embrace change (my video is testament to that) but the changes that are happening right now are good ones. Especially if you're planning on starting or growing a wellness business or if you are an established health professional. Perhaps you're a physiotherapist or an optometrist, a dietitian or a podiatrist. Whatever health services you provide, you have an unparalleled opportunity to attract and engage with clients who are actively looking to buy the services you offer.  

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How to Scale Your Small Health Business

By Wendy Coombes on Feb 19, 2019 8:13:00 AM

If you’re the owner-operator of a small health practice, like a physiotherapy practice, or a wellness coach who practices solo, should you concern yourself about the scalability of your business?

Hang on! What does “being scaleable” even mean?

In very simple terms, a scalable business is one that can handle increases in business volume (like bookings and revenue) without significant increases in operating costs.

A business that is not scalable will see its operating costs increase at a rate that is similar or higher than its revenue growth. By contrast, a scalable business’ operating costs will remain the same or may be minimally higher as the business grows.

Scalability is a good thing because it means that, as your business grows, so does the profit rate. Keeping your operating costs consistent regardless of the volume of transaction translates into (exponentially) higher profitability.

But there is more to life than profits right? For owners/operators of small health practices there’s more to gain from being scaleable. Especially time.

So how can you start to make your business more scaleable? Here are 3 areas in which you can make changes that will help you to get started:

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Marketing Automation: How to Use It Effectively in Your Health Practice

By Wendy Coombes on Feb 12, 2019 7:43:00 AM

If you’re a busy health professional looking to maximise your billable hours and better manage your time, automating repetitive marketing related tasks can be a game-changer.

Through automation, you create time in your schedule to focus on the important things that will grow your business. When you spend less of your day handling marketing tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on delivering services. Plus, when your marketing automation is operating effectively, it’s almost like having a sales agent working for you around the clock.

While the initial set up does require an investment of time, once it’s up and running it virtually runs on autopilot with little to no intervention from you. So, if you’re wondering how you can use marketing automation effectively, read on to learn three ways it can help you grow your health practice.

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Three Reasons Why Health Professionals Fail to Attract New Clients

By Wendy Coombes on Feb 5, 2019 7:50:00 AM

You entered the health and wellness field with the passion to make an impact, the freedom to create your own job and lifestyle, the dream of increasing your income, and a thirst to spread knowledge.

However, in today’s ever-changing digital world, you may be struggling to follow the path you’ve laid out for yourself. Failure to attract the right clients can have a huge impact on your business’s success and growth. But don’t give up yet - one of the advantages of living in an era where everything is online is that mistakes are easier to solve than ever.

Take a look at the most common mistakes made by health and wellness professionals, and avoid them going forward. Soon, you’ll have customers chomping at the bit to get a piece of your business.

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Creating an Amazing Lead Magnet: The 5 Ingredients You Need to Include

By Wendy Coombes on Jan 29, 2019 10:31:33 AM

Take a look at your digital marketing strategy. You have a website, a good social media presence, and keyword optimised content, but how is your conversion rate? Are people coming to your website and staying for a while, reading what you have to say? If you have everything else ready to go but struggle with getting potential customers to come to your website, it’s time to invest in a lead magnet.

Before we dive head-first into this proven digital marketing strategy, here are some basics.

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Creating an irresistible health services offer

By Wendy Coombes on Jan 15, 2019 7:18:00 AM

When discussing the importance of having an irresistible offer many wellness practitioners immediately think of the "D Word". They believe that making their offer appealing involves discounting.

Competing on price is a race to the bottom that will leave you demoralised, exhausted and broke.

A well crafted services offer, on the other hand, boosts profitability and positions you to command a premium for your services.

There are 7 keys to creating an irresistible offer and pricing is just one of them.

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3 Ways to reach health services clients

By Wendy Coombes on Jan 9, 2019 1:30:59 PM

If you are not sure how you can use online marketing to grow your business it’s helpful to remember that it all boils down to just 3 ways. It’s often considered the digital marketing trifecta.

Think of them as 3 online strategies for building your brand. Understanding them gives you a solid starting point in working out your own digital strategy.

Here is what they are:

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